The earth is ours to protect not to destroy.

Ours to clean and make healthy for habitation.


Engineer Cletus Ekpo Speaks on WWE Innovation Project


We have designed and fabricated Machines for waste management

Our Blown Film extrusion Machines WWE-3 for manufacturing  of polythene bags

Large PET crushing machine for fast choping of  waste code named “CPL Bulldozer”

We tailor made this PET crushing machine named “Boy CPL” for beginners  with low income

Our Sachet Water bag recycling machine WWE-2. This machines can be used for production of agro polythene bags, Floor covers, etc. 


Engr. Ekpo has been shortlisted for Africa Prize Award for Engineering Innovation 2023 organized by Royal Academy of Engineering London
It was a double honour as the Waste-To-Wealth Enhancer Innovator/Team Lead, Engr. Cletus Ogbonna Ekpoh bagged Fellowship Certificate, The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC)-Nigeria highest Professional Award. He was also honoured with London Graduate School Award of Certified Management Specialist (CMS) with Distinction in Time Mgt.

Engr. Ekpo demonstrates with one of  his WWE innovations designed and fabricated by his Ceeplast Company.

Cross Section of the waste management team pioneering the WWE project

Awards and Recognitions

2022 ENGINEER OF THE YEAR AWARD won by Ceeplast Board Member, Co-founder and Technical Director
Africa's Patriotic Personality Award
Fellowship Award To Engr. Cletus Ekpo Co-founder and Technical Director of Ceeplast by Institute of Polymer Engineers
Award from Institute of Polymer Engineers
Institute of Industrial Administration of Nigeria
Innovation In Technology Enterprises Buisness Development And Management Certificate to Ceeplast Industries by National Board for Technology Incubation
Silver Award From Nigerian Society of Engineers to Engr. Cletus Ekpo, Co-Founder Ceeplast Industries Ltd.
REX Newspaper Award to Ceeplast Industries Ltd.
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